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Cryptid Chronicles - cryptozoology information blog

Cryptomundo - general cryptozoology website

Fouke Monster - the official website of the Fouke Monster

ShukerNature - official blog of cryptozoologist Karl Shuker

Wendigo Tea Company - a Cincinnati business that specializes in cryptid themed organic teas

Cryptozoonews - official blog of cryptozoologist Loren Coleman

The Cryptozoologist - official website of cryptozoologist Loren Coleman

International Cryptozoology Museum - website of the ICM

Cryptozoology News - website dedicated to bringing you the latest cryptid news

The Crypto Blast - Cryptozoological, paranormal, supernatural, & unexplained blog

Bigfoot Base - website dedicated to bringing you the latest Bigfoot news

Lyle Blackburn - official website of cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn

Linda Godfrey - official website of Dogman researcher & author Linda Godfrey

Rictor Riolo - YouTube channel for Bigfoot researcher and host of ‘Off The Rictor’

The Mothman Museum - located in Pt. Pleasant, West Virginia

Paranormal Junkie - YouTube channel that features cryptozoological, paranormal, supernatural, and unexplained videos

Weird Australia - everything weird Australia has to offer

Mysterious Universe - website that focuses on the cryptozoological, paranormal, supernatural, & unexplained 

Cryptozoology on Reddit - got a few hours to waste? Hundreds of cryptid posts available to read