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Episode 5: Wisconsin Folklore - Skeletons, Graveyards, Owls, Undertakers, and Ghosts

For this episode we are taking a short break from the cryptids and instead focusing on our second biggest passion, Wisconsin folklore. We traded in the Sasquatch for Ghosts, the Lake Monsters for Skeletons, and the Thunderbirds for Undertakers. We use the full 42min of this episode to retell classic folktales from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. These tales are humorous, spooky, cautionary, and downright ghostly. So why not sit back, relax, and learn about the morbid side of the badger state. This is not only Midwest Cryptozoology at its finest, it’s also Midwest Folklore at its finest!

Episode 4: British Bigfoot, Alien Big Cats, Lake/Sea Monsters, and Modern Cryptozoologists

For the first time ever, The PBI had the pleasure of digitally travelling all the way across the pond nearly 6hrs in order to have an absolutely fantastic 2hr conversation with Cryptozoology researcher, lecturer, writer, and ‘Beasts Of Britain’ author Andy McGrath. While our knowledge of what occurs in Britain is limited, Andy was able to bring us up to speed on all the weird cryptid creatures that call that wonderful island home. Our topics of conversation flowed between the possibility of Sasquatch-like creatures thriving there, big mystery cats roaming around like they own the place, and how come most people describe lake monsters as being more like a plesiosaur and less like the giant serpents of old. While the topics themselves are fantastic to listen to, the real selling point is hearing how it sounds when the British accent meets the Wisconsin one!

Note: This audio is uncut and unedited, so there are noticeable echos and external noises throughout.

Episode 3: Ghosts, Favorite Cryptids, Unpopular Bigfoot, Pet Spirits, and a Giant 6ft Goose

When the format has no structure, the conversation flows freely, and that is exactly what was happening during mine and Addey’s recorded conversation. Like meeting up at a bar to discuss the unknown over drinks, we found ourselves deep in an hour and thirty minute conversation before eventually having to shut it down due to running low on both sleep and adult beverages. During our time, we touched on subjects within the paranormal, supernatural, and of course, cryptozoological sectors, as well as chatted quite a bit about our fantastic friends and favorite podcasts. So if you fancy yourself a fan of ghost stories and giant unknown birds, Episode 3 is right up your alley!

Note: This audio is uncut and unedited, so there are noticeable echos and external noises throughout.