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Episode 8: The Lake Pepin Monster, Kill or No Kill, Mount St. Helens Bigfoot Bodies, The Puca, Thylacines, Haunchyville, and a Snake that Pukes Snakes

For episode 8 of the podcast, we turned to our stately neighbor to the west, Minnesota. Within its cold borders we digitally hiked to the middle of nowhere where we met up with researcher and investigator, Nash Hoover. With out two Midwestern accents going strong, we talked about anything and everything. The conversation started fine with his show ‘Chasing Legends’, but somehow took a weird turn down a path which brought up subjects such as dead Bigfoot bodies on Mount St. Helens, a snake in the Minnesota River that somehow has the ability to puke up other smaller snakes, how we hope and pray that one day Thylacine’s, as well as Woolly Mammoths, are able to be cloned, and how we each consider ‘Finding Bigfoot’ to be a sore spot on the current state of Cryptozoology. Some may say that these topics don’t flow well together, but to that I say, wrong. This 1hr 21min conversation was pure fun and highly enjoyable.

So if you are a fan of Bigfoot conspiracy theories, lake monsters that may dwell between Wisconsin and Minnesota, or the fairy folk of Ireland, this episode is for you!