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Episode 9: The Return of the CryptoDenMom! Also in this episode: Lake Monsters, Eating Weird Things, Janesville Murder House, Ghost Marriage & Horses, Tulpas, and Santa Claus

Christmas has come early to the ears of all that listen to episode 9 for one special reason, the CryptoDenMom has returned to partake in a great 2hr conversation on all things strange! So get a full plate of cookies, pour yourself a cold glass of milk, and settle in to listen as we talk about Lake Monsters and the strange places they call home, why Giant Turtles would be terrifying to encounter out in the open as well as in a zoo, and some of the strange things we have eaten so far in our lives. Also included in this very easy flowing conversation is the history and legend of Janesville, Wisconsin’s very first murder and public execution, the history of both Ed Gein and the “LilMiss” case, what we think of Ghost Marriages and those who claim to be reincarnated horses, and even the possibility of Santa Claus being a Tulpa!

This episode helps end 2018 on a high note and leaves the Fortean door wide open for all the 2019 weirdness to walk on through! Happy Holidays everyone!