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Episode 6: Lake Monsters, Oklahoma Octopus, Skin Fin, Ghost Clothes, Vintage Newspapers, and The Lanky Night Walker

Wisconsin and West Virginia are over 700 miles apart, but in this modern digital age, the distance isn’t even an issue. Anyone can have a conversation within minutes of thinking about it, so that is why it was easy for author and Fortean researcher, Denver Michaels and I to link up via Skype and chat about whatever came to mind! We found ourselves deep in conversation about various lake monsters from around North America. We went down paths first talking about what aquatic beasts we believed to be real and flowed into what we think the Mothman really was. Anything and everything was available to talk about, and talk we did! Ever curious why ghosts appear to always being wearing clothes? Want to know how many fringe groups upon fringe groups there are in an already large fringe group? Ever heard of the Lanky Night Walker? These are all topics of conversation that can be found in Episode 6! And trust me when I say that even though this episode is 1hr and 35mins long, we have only scrapped the tip of the iceberg on what we could have talked about!