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Episode 3: Ghosts, Favorite Cryptids, Unpopular Bigfoot, Pet Spirits, and a Giant 6ft Goose

When the format has no structure, the conversation flows freely, and that is exactly what was happening during mine and Addey’s recorded conversation. Like meeting up at a bar to discuss the unknown over drinks, we found ourselves deep in an hour and thirty minute conversation before eventually having to shut it down due to running low on both sleep and adult beverages. During our time, we touched on subjects within the paranormal, supernatural, and of course, cryptozoological sectors, as well as chatted quite a bit about our fantastic friends and favorite podcasts. So if you fancy yourself a fan of ghost stories and giant unknown birds, Episode 3 is right up your alley!

Note: This audio is uncut and unedited, so there are noticeable echos and external noises throughout.